Sunday, September 30, 2007

Why mice are dirty

We were in a pet store yesterday and my wife proclaimed how cute the mice they had in the glass cage looked and how could I "exterminate" such creatures. Lions look cute at the zoo as well I thought, behind the bars that is. Mice are very dirty and spread disease because of the way they leave droplets of urine almost everywhere they scamper. If you were to place a supermarket under an intense black light which would highlight these urine droplets I think you would become farmers and grow your own food! Not only do they have weak bladders, they also leave dropping all over the place. These droppings carry all kinds of diseases and can be deadly in some instances. Also mice love to eat garbage and after scampering through the dumpster behind the building they find their way into the business or home and walk all over your counter tops. Mice are cute indeed, but they are also dirty little creatures, so be sure to wash that can of soup the next time you decide to have an afternoon snack.


Anonymous said...

Great article, really useful insight on a subject that can baffle lots of people who have to deal with such issuses.

Glaucus said...

I am not sure I am keen on living on a farm. Plenty of mice there. I would sooner by my food nicely wrapped up with pretty packaging.