Saturday, September 01, 2007

Roaches in restaurants

Being in the pest control business for the past 15 years I have seen alot of things that would make you think twice about eating out. This is not meant to be a shock article, but it is true. I've been in a restaurant who had a cat running around in the back kitchen and it slept under the grill. It also used this area to go to the bathroom. There was a few inches worth of cat droppings under the grill. Needless to say this one was reported to the health department. I've also come across roaches that were so bad that the prep cooks were picking them out of the bread crumbs and then tossed the chicken into the same crumbs. Another report. It didn't matter where it was, whether it be a hospital kitchen or a upper class restaurant, roaches and mice could be and most likely are present. It all depends on the owners, the workers, and the pest control company and how well they communicate and cooperate. Don't get me wrong though, for every one bad place there was twenty good ones. Pest control can be very effective but it needs the cooperation of the workers and managers of the kitchen to keep things clean and the conditions unfavorable for mice and roaches to thrive.

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