Sunday, October 25, 2009

Flies in the fall and winter inside

What is with these flies that are lumbering around the office or house during the fall and winter months? Most likely they are cluster flies. These flies overwinter in the nooks and crannies of the walls of an office building or house and become a nuisance during a warm day or throughout certain times of the colder months. The best and most time consuming and expensive way to eliminate them is to build them out. Caulk and seal ever hole that can be found. This becomes a problems when you have a multi story office complex or a suite of offices with open ceiling space above the drop ceilings. Power spraying during certain times of the year outside will help knock the numbers down...on the inside you can use traps and there is a product called the cluster buster that is a window sill trap that uses a powder to act as quick sand and trap the fly. Using a vacuum with a hose attachment will suck them down. The fact can try your best to knock the numbers down...but there may always be that one fly who you will be swatting at every once in a while.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Baiting a mouse snap trap.

We had an interesting turn of events in an account that was having a mouse problem. It was in an apartment setting in the kitchens and it was clear that the mice were nesting in the insulation of the small stoves that were set up in the kitchens because there were pieces of the soft insulation on the floor under the stoves. Our tech took this material and hooked it onto the trigger of the snap traps, where there was no visible insulation, he used small pieces of cotton. In two days he returned to find that there was a decent catch rate, for ever five traps he set under and behind the stove, he caught two to three mice in the heaviest of the infested units. Sometimes it is worth using what the mice are targeting for food or nesting material in your quest to catch them with snap traps.

Friday, October 02, 2009

The perfect mouse trap.

What makes a perfect mouse trap? What product would fall into this category? Snap traps, glue boards, electric mouse traps, live traps? The fact is, there is no perfect mouse trap, because if there was, a big chunk of the pest control industries business would be gone. An integrated, multi-faceted approach is your best bet when dealing with these critters. Be a detective. Are the mice darting under the sofa and suddenly disappearing? Maybe the mice are living in your furniture. Lots of warmth and nesting material there. If this is the case, throw everything you can at them. Snaps, glue traps, bait. This approach works for any area you are seeing live mice or droppings. Never put out just a few snap traps. Be generous, this is the theme through out my blog. The more mice traps the better. This has worked for me and will work for you. One thing to always consider is the safety of your family and pets. If you have a curious cat, you may want to put the snaps and glue traps in out of the way areas. Use Bait with caution or use bait that can be treated with vitamin K by your vet. The fact is mice can be controlled and eliminated, you just need to think like the mice and place out plenty of tools to do the job.