Friday, October 02, 2009

The perfect mouse trap.

What makes a perfect mouse trap? What product would fall into this category? Snap traps, glue boards, electric mouse traps, live traps? The fact is, there is no perfect mouse trap, because if there was, a big chunk of the pest control industries business would be gone. An integrated, multi-faceted approach is your best bet when dealing with these critters. Be a detective. Are the mice darting under the sofa and suddenly disappearing? Maybe the mice are living in your furniture. Lots of warmth and nesting material there. If this is the case, throw everything you can at them. Snaps, glue traps, bait. This approach works for any area you are seeing live mice or droppings. Never put out just a few snap traps. Be generous, this is the theme through out my blog. The more mice traps the better. This has worked for me and will work for you. One thing to always consider is the safety of your family and pets. If you have a curious cat, you may want to put the snaps and glue traps in out of the way areas. Use Bait with caution or use bait that can be treated with vitamin K by your vet. The fact is mice can be controlled and eliminated, you just need to think like the mice and place out plenty of tools to do the job.


Debugit said...

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Gerry Weitz said...

Billy, are you advocating the use of loose bait inside the home? Maybe I misunderstood you, but since you already mentioned traps, it does sound like you are advocating loose bait, which for us is a clear no-no.

Also, when we use snap traps that can not be placed in out of the way areas, for in-home use, we will always place the traps within bait stations, using no bait, just protected traps.
Gerry Weitz
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Hearts Consulting Group

pest control bill said...

I share your philosophy. You have to be generous with the traps and "think like a mouse". That's the only way to accomplish. Also, people shouldn't ever use poison to get rid of mice because that'll just create another problem! Thanks for the great article!

Anonymous said...

I've discovered a very effective method of capturing mice for release. No poison.

Take the left-over roller from a roll of paper towel and shape it into a box (try to make it as retangular as possible) and put some peanut butter on one end.

Hang that end over the edge of your stove, cabinet, etc. so that a little less than half of the roller is hanging in mid air, and place a TALL trashcan or bucket below.

They will go into the tunnel for some food, tip the thing and end up trapped in the trash-can.

Absolutely works! Caught three of them TONIGHT!

Graham Pest Controller said...

I agree, use as many traps as possilbe with different baits. In lofts use 3 or 4 different formulas and textures from blocks to pasta and paste baits. In the home, use bait stations as well to protect pets etc how always tamper with them. I hate glue boards and use them as a last resort. For more aricles see our blog on

Tony said...

Pest Control Crouch End Hello guys great article. I totally agree the more traps the better chance you will have in catching them, i tend to go down the route of baits if used properly and placed in the right areas you can have great effects.