Friday, December 09, 2011

Do sonic electronic mouse repellers work?

Sonic mouse repellers have been around for quite a while, and becasue of this fact they must have some repelling effects or else they would have gone curb side years ago. One thing I can say about these rodent repellers is that is you are going to spend money on these, be sure to gett he kind that allows you to change the frequesncy manually from time to time. Mice and rats can get used to the frequency over time, so changing the frequency will help give you the success you are looking for when trying to evict those nasty rodents.

Mice in my sofa?

I get many questions about mice living in furniture. Can they live in my chair or sofa? The short answer is of course. It is like a high class condo for mice. Think about it, all that cushion material for nesting, the yummy crumbs that fall between the seat cushions as you snack and watch television. Having said that, how spooky is that to think that you are relaxing at night with Micky and Minnie inches away!
So what to do if mice moved into your couch? Catch them of course. Build a fortress of glue boards under and in back of the sofa and see what you catch. Remember, if they are in fact nesting in the furniture, you may have to deal with several mice families so the battle may be waged for weeks until all is clear. Happy Hunting!