Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ants in the kitchen

A few more weeks and the warm spring weather will be waking up the flowers and the trees and all the creatures that crawl. Ants being on of these creatures will often be seen in the kitchens of America looking for a sweet treat to start their summer time routine. The best way to avoid this problem is keeping the kitchen clean and spills wiped up. If a clean kitchen is not working then you have to find a good ant spray. I think putting down a good perimeter spray in the kitchen is most effective for ants because the results are often times faster than placing baits down. Problem is the best ant sprays are not always available to the public. The best ant spray out there is a product called Phantom that is a non-repellent chemical that the ants unknowingly walk over and bring the chemical back to the nest killing off others in a domino effect. This chemical is usually available only to professional pest controllers, but I've seen it for sale on several do it yourself pest control products websites. Reading the label is important when using this product. A good crack and crevice application works best. Incorporate a baiting program and you will have a good one two punch. I think Dupont's Advion ant Bait is best to use.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Bedbug elimination

There is one thing that people neglect to think about and do when trying to get rid of bed bugs. They prep their houses for the treatment and hire a good pest control operator and after everything is said and done and every area from head to toe has been treated there is still a safe haven for these bugs to thrive! It's the vacuum cleaner! Using a vacuum cleaner in bed bug control is an important tool for pest control professionals, but after they leave the customer neglects to pay attention to their own vacuum cleaner. They forget that the months that preceded the treatment they had bed bugs. It is safe to say that they did some house cleaning during these times and the vacuum was involved. What they succeeded in doing was vacuuming up live bed bugs and possibly eggs. Now in the safety of the vacuum bag they can continue to live and be troubling to the poor folks that are battling the bed bugs. Here is how to attack it. Sprinkle some corn starch con the floor and vacuum it up. This will coat the breathing mechanism of the bug that might be hanging on outside the bag. Then take the bag out and throw it away outside. If you have a canister vacuum then empty in a trash bag slowly to avoid the dust from flying everywhere and clean out the canister with some bleach and spray down with a product like Steri-fab. If you have a hose attachment on any of these kind of vacuums then use the corn starch method throw the hose as well. Good luck in your battle.