Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Head Lice

So you open your child's folder and in it your find that letter that every parent hates to see. Head Lice have been found in your child's class. OMG. We'll don't panic. Talk to your child and let him or her know not to share hats or play hair dresser with the other children and check your child's hair daily until the panic passes. Most times the school nurse will find the problem in time and the child will be treated at home and all is ok sooner than later. There is alot of info on the web to study up on lice and a boat load of products should your child get the lice. The treatment at home can be daunting, but not as bad as people think. So the phrase of the day is, Be vigilant.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Moving with Bed Bugs

So your fed up and decided to move out and away from your bed bug infested apartment, dorm room or home. The question is how do you move and not bring the bed bugs with you? The ones hiding in your clock radio or your clothing or your book bag and furniture. All you are doing is moving the bed bugs into a new home. Unless...

What we need is a large scale moving system where moving trucks are fitted with commercial heaters and insulated to hold heat in. The process would be simple. Move out, load the truck up, and then put the heaters on for about 5 hours. Move into your new home with a bunch of baked, and yes dead, bedbug. There would need to be consideration given to how much stuff you have and how packed the truck is that would contribute to bake times, but it is worth a second thought.

Another way is to tent that truck and fumigate the items. It would cost you about five hundred dollars, give or take, and should kill off any hitch hiking buggers. The drawback is you need to fume for 24 hours and vent. This contributes to a longer moving process.

Any one else with some thoughts?