Saturday, June 26, 2010

Univar Grows Again

The pest control distributor extraordinaire has grown again with the acquisition of Southern Mill Creek distribution. This is a perfect pairing for Univar who will be able to expand in some of Southern Mill Creeks markets and bring Univar's great product line and service to these areas. One of the cool perks that Univar will bring to it's new customers is their website Pestweb, which offers a wealth of information.

The distribution market seems to be, now with this acquisition, shrinking, with some of the bigger distributors being Residex and Univar. One thing I have to say about all these pest control distributors and the industry in general is that it is a tight nit community and a pleasure to belong. Good luck.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Japanese Beetle Season

We are coming up on the season of the Japanese beetle. These little metallic buggers can cause some damage to plants and the roots in the soil where their grubs grow. As always, a flying insect is the most difficult to control or eliminate, treating the plants and flowers with a chemical will help to protect these favorites of the Japanese Beetle, and there are also Japanese beetle traps. I have heard though, that these traps can cause more problems by attracting more beetles than they trap. It is up to the consumer whether or not they want to buy traps to try to catch them, but you can hire a pest control company with plant and ornamental categories on their license to spray these items down.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Watch out for Mosquitoes

It's that time of year again and being proactive in your mosquito control is essential. With all the rain we get, it is important to walk around your home and look for any free standing water that can be collecting and possibly breeding mosquitoes. Places like buckets, old flower pots, and even your gutters can be breeding grounds. By eliminating these areas of concern you can help in keeping the population down. There are some effective products on the market now like mosquito traps that are becoming more affordable, also some better over the counter products to consider. Remember that being vigilant in keeping the breeding grounds few and far between will also help in your efforts of having a scratch free summer.

Friday, June 04, 2010

JP McHale Pest Management

Was introduced to a new blog that is kept by a company called JP McHale Pest Management. The companies history is one that is common in the industry and the success of the company can be attributed to the owner realizing what a great industry this is and what potential is in pest control. It ultimately became a true family business and the story can be read here.
JP McHale serves the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut areas. Check out the blog and if you are looking for a pest management company in the above areas...give' em a call!