Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kill Ants Fast

Easier said than done sometimes, killing ants fast is a tough thing to do once they have found their way into the home. If you are faced with a swarm of ants on your counter tops or anywhere in the home it is best to look around and be sure that you remove anything that will attract the ants. Wipe up any spills, put away any food or drink, sweep up any crumbs. Now it is time for the one two punch. Using bait of the gel and station variety is a good way to start. It won't be a fast solution, but what we want to do if get some food back to the nest to knock the population down . Gel bait on wax paper will keep the mess down, and the bait stations often times have a different bait that is protein based and depending on what time of year it is it is important to offer the ants both. After a few days of baiting, you may want to look for a good residual spray to take care of any stragglers. Some folks don't like to use chemicals and will only bait, this is ok too, but be sure to keep the bait fresh and eventually the ants will die off. If you do use a chemical spray, be sure to read the label and follow the directions.

One other technique is to have a walk around the outside to see if you can see any trails of ants going into a crack or crevice of the home along the perimeter. If you find this, use the gel bait and place along or right in the trail and also try to find a good granule bait to sprinkle near the trail. After a few days of baiting, again, use the spray to spray the protect the perimeter.

This may sound like too much work or a little complicated to get rid of ants, if this is the case don't forget there is always your local pest control company who is willing to help.