Saturday, September 19, 2009

Scabies and Lice Information

Although Scabies and Lice are not really a pest control issue, alot of times a pest control person will get questions or be sought out for advice. The issue is most times resolved very easily through your family doctor who will prescribe a cream or shampoo to apply. There are, however, some things that must be done on the side of the individual to protect him or her self and their family members. The bed where the infected person sleeps should be vacuumed and all the bedding stripped and laundered. I would suggest tossing the pillow and buying new. Vacuum sofas and be sure to launder hats and clothing that the person wears regularly. There are sprays that you can get, but if you are diligent with your cleaning and using the products your doctor suggests you should be fine.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Bait for Mice

The cool weather of fall and winter will be bringing mice inside to infest homes across the country. Some tips to discuss before baiting is exclusion. Most pest control experts preach this and it is most important in keeping the mice out. Exclusion in easy, for the most part, needing only a good pair of eyes and some steel wool or copper mesh and caulk. Start at one point of your home and look from the bottom up along the outside wall perimeter. Any holes or gaps visible? Stuff and seal. Wires or pipes entering the home, caulk around them, gaps under the doors or garage doors? You may have to install a weather strip.

So we are all sealed up, but a mouse scooted by as you were bringing groceries into your house and now the infestation has begun. Using caution if there are children or pets, I would use snap traps for this segment since we are discussing bait. My philosophy is mix it up alittle. The old stand by peanut butter is great, but mice love candy, chocolate, bread, meat, bacon. Use all of the above and use them sparingly. Just a smear of peanut butter, or a smear of chocolate. This will make them work at getting that first taste which will be their last.
Another idea is to use nesting material, tie a small piece of cotton of the trigger, let them grab at it and snap! Another important thing to do is not be stingy when placing traps out. Use a bunch to increase your chances of a catch. Good luck.