Saturday, March 10, 2012

Here comes the warm weather bugs

Can't get over what a warm and mild winter we had here on the east coast, no snow to speak of and spring like days in February and March. With this nice weather comes the early emergence of our creepy friends. Ants, roaches of all kinds, bees and wasps, beetles and crickets. Now that I think of it, ants have already intruded on our window sills at work, and that was in late February.
Now is the time to start a preventative approach to pest control. The granule baits are a good product to use, but even better, the gel baits are great. Give the ants the sugar they need to start the season off right, even though after that sugary meal they won't be lasting much further into the season. Later in the season they are looking for the protein to build up some fat for the winter, but now they want to run and go wild, and sugar is the way to go. Products like Terro work really well along with many other.
Have a great season!

Friday, March 09, 2012

The Amazing Bed Bug

Bed bug infestations have been called the perfect storm. I find this problem frustrating and fascinating at the same time. It amazes me that the roach is supposed to be able to survive a nuclear bomb, yet we can eliminate a roach infestation with a tube of caulk bait, and a bed bug infestation costs thousands of dollars in either chemical or heat treatments. Here is a quick fact for you, a single female bed bug, after mating just once, can continue to produce eggs the rest of her life without another mating. All that little bugger needs are meals. No wonder they are such an amazing bug.