Saturday, June 27, 2009

Japanese Beetle traps and controls

How do you catch Japanese Beetles or get rid of them? It's not as easy as placing out Japanese beetle traps around the yard, it takes an integrated approach and this can only help in control at best. Treating the grubs is your best method, there are several chemical controls for this approach and you can also investigate nematodes that are available commercially to attach the grubs. As with any insect or bug, using an integrated approach is the best way to handle an infestation. Research is the key. Traps are not bad as a one pronged approach, but be sure to use other methods. Happy Hunting.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mosquito Safety

Mosquito safety is an important thing these days with west nile virus and other mosquito born illnesses and disease ever present. Using repellents with DEET and some of the more advanced traps out there are wise choices if spending time outside or in your back yard. You can help keep mosquitoes at bay by being diligent in making sure that there is no free standing or stagnant water around your property and if you know of abandoned houses that might have old pools it is best to report that problem to your local vector control agency.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Get rid of Ants on The Counter

Ants crawling around in your kitchen? Want to get rid of them in a hurry? My advice would be to be ready for a battle. Don't grab for a can of Raid, but rather, a can of the new "Phantom" in a can would be my suggestion. Phantom is a powerful tool in the battle of the bug. My next word of advice would be to pick up some dual choice ant bait stations and place them in the areas you were noticing the ants in the first place. Use enough bait stations for them, don't be stingy. As the label and use caution when using any kind of chemical product. Good luck with the ant battle.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Water Bugs and Shads and how to control them.

The oriental roach goes by a couple of different aliases. The water bug, the shad, the black beetle to name a few. They can be scary to stumble upon, in the dark, scurrying around the floor. Some people experience them crawling up the walls of neighborhoods or along the pavements. No doubt they are creepy. So how do we get rid of them. IN the good old days, there was a great product called Baygon Bait, which recently was re-released under the same name. This was a granule bait that pest controllers would sprinkle under water heaters or corners of the basements, or in cracks and crevices of the outside areas they are being seen. The next day would be like a mass grave. Dead shads all over. The control is pretty much the same these days. The scatter baits seems to be the best to control these roaches, another bait is called niban bait. This too is a granule that works well. A good inside perimeter spray also will help control the roaches, since their tendencies seem to be to crawl along the floors, although they will cluster on walls and in between joists as well. Like all insect control you want to be careful and safe and thorough. Good luck and happy hunting.