Sunday, June 07, 2009

Get rid of Ants on The Counter

Ants crawling around in your kitchen? Want to get rid of them in a hurry? My advice would be to be ready for a battle. Don't grab for a can of Raid, but rather, a can of the new "Phantom" in a can would be my suggestion. Phantom is a powerful tool in the battle of the bug. My next word of advice would be to pick up some dual choice ant bait stations and place them in the areas you were noticing the ants in the first place. Use enough bait stations for them, don't be stingy. As the label and use caution when using any kind of chemical product. Good luck with the ant battle.


pest said...

Phantom is this a new product? is this available in the uk?

Billy Mac said...

Not a new product...should be available in the UK...definitly can be purchased online...Suppliers in the US like Univar USA and Residex supply to pest control industry...the manufacturer is BASF
-Billy Mac

Anonymous said...

Billy, shouldn't you be a bit more specific about where Phantom should be used? Certainly not ON the counter!
Non-repellents are very powerful and therefore can and should be used as you say, according to the label, but many of your readers may not read the label and simply apply it to the countertop.
Gerry Weitz
Hearts Pest Management

BucksPestControl said...

I might add it is a great idea to try and back track where the ants are getting in. use something strong enough to stop them in their tracks at that entry point. And then for the counter top, I might recommend using Clorox spray cleaner. It kills the ants their and is not harmful to your countertops or any food that might be put on them later.

Anonymous said...

Good Call Gerry

-Billy Mac

Ants said...

Carpenter ants are almost like termites. Once they breach the walls of your home they begin excavating tunnels and little hollows in the wood structure of your home. Carpenter ants prefer moist wood to create their colonies in order to keep their eggs in a humid environment ideal for hatching.

how to get rid of ants said...

I haven't heard of the product called Phantom, but it seems like something worth checking out. Ideally you want to prevent ants in the first place my maintaining a clean environment, but if the ants find their way into your kitchen, I suppose a product such as Phantom just may do the trick.

Matt said...


Thanks for sharing this useful information.

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