Saturday, June 27, 2009

Japanese Beetle traps and controls

How do you catch Japanese Beetles or get rid of them? It's not as easy as placing out Japanese beetle traps around the yard, it takes an integrated approach and this can only help in control at best. Treating the grubs is your best method, there are several chemical controls for this approach and you can also investigate nematodes that are available commercially to attach the grubs. As with any insect or bug, using an integrated approach is the best way to handle an infestation. Research is the key. Traps are not bad as a one pronged approach, but be sure to use other methods. Happy Hunting.

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JP McHale Pest Management Inc. said...

Controlling the grubs before they turn into Japanese Beetles is an easier solution. If you grass rips up like a carpet you know that grubs are emerging. Once the grubs reach the surface they will form into Japanese Beetles which can eat plants within a one mile radius of where they came up. Japanese Beetle taros can work, and treating the plans will work as well.