Saturday, May 22, 2010

Get rid of ground nesting bees

Ground nesting bees can be a dangerous opponent in that on a hot sunny day, while mowing your lawn, a foe can be getting ready to ambush you. I am having a problem at my own house with bumble bees who have taken up residence in a hole in the ground. The hole is probably an evacuated mouse or mole hole, but it has found new life with these ground nesting bees. My way to take care of this was to dust this hole with insecticide dust. Doing any kind of close work with bees should be done at night and using a flash light with red cellophane wrapped around it. Bees can't see red and this will help you to find the hole and treat it. Honestly, I would recommend hiring a professional for bee work of any kind as they can be nasty and aggressive. If you decide to do it yourself, pest control product can be found on the web at any DIY pest control products website. Be careful...observe your foe first looking for flight patterns. Never get in the way of a bees flight pattern. Never underestimate a bee and his hundred or more friends.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Little orange bugs

Little orange bugs, red mites, red dots, brick dust bugs, these are some of the ways I've heard others describe clover mites that like to make there way into offices and homes. They are famous for leaving the orange smear as the kids crush them on the window sill. Clover mites are harmless and are more of a nuisance. Some ways to stiop these small ornage bugs from creeping in is to remove a 24 inch or so swath of grass from around you home perimeter. They don't like to make that long 24 inch hike. If they are inside in great numbers, use a vaccum hose attachment and suck them up. You can hire a professional exterminator to spray the outside of your home with what they call a power spray and this could help. The last , but mostly unpopular thing to do is to let your 5 year old loose on them and let them smear away.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Bees and Wasps

Keep an eye out for bees looking for a place to stay. I just had an experience at my house, sitting on the back porch in the late afternoon, a bee flew up under my siding! I hate bees, so I kept my eye on the area and sure enough, more bees coming in. I got my bulb duster and gave it a shot. This of course ended my sit on the back porch as the bees were agitated that I messed up the entrance to their home. It is best to nip this in the bud before it becomes a full blown hive or nest. I will take a walk around to see if there are any more flight patterns, and then treat some areas that look like they may become an attractive home for bees. I have to say, I hate bees and wasps.