Sunday, February 28, 2010

Little Flies and Gnats

I remember getting a call for small gnat like flies in an office and the customer wanting relief from them. It was a seventh floor office and there were offices above. So they weren't coming from a leak above and they were not coming from a broken soil pipe since the bathroom was down the hall. As I took a closer look at he fly and noticed the window sill full of plants, I soon put two and two together and decided that they could be fungus gnats. The soil was very wet and I told the customer to stop watering the plants for a while and in the mean time I placed a glue monitor I had in on of the pots to see what I would find. I said I'd be back in a few days to see how things are. I returned with some yellow glue traps as recommended for adult fungus gnats and a potato, I read that the larvae will migrate to the potato and start to feed on it, leave it for a few days and remove it, and remove a bunch of larvae. With the proper water management and some trapping techniques...the problem was resolved.

Friday, February 26, 2010

The Bug Man

The bug man, as many pest control professionals are affectionately called, is the face of the pest control industry. Professionalism, knowledge, and good relationships are all components of a good pest control person. Being professional means being neat and well groomed. Having passion for your job, as this shines through to the customer, and keeping your equipment clean and organized. Knowledge should be something that the professional never stops pursuing. Going to seminars and classes, keeping your credits up to date, and reading and researching are all important things to do. Your customer will know when you are B.S.'ing them, and many of them might even know as much as you might these days with the Internet out there. Good relationships are the foundation of any business and should be cultivated. Remember to send customers hand written thank you notes. This takes some time and a stamp, but it pays back a ton. Remember your customers birthdays and send a card. Holidays...send a card. Just some food for thought.

Friday, February 19, 2010

What works best for ants?

I've always been a big advocate for baiting for ants to gain control and eventually elimination. Sprays like Termidor and Phantom are both also very good as they act as non-repellents and will affect the ants nesting area as they wander back to their homes. If you are a do it yourself fanatic, then you may have to go the baiting route as baits can be picked up from your local home improvement store or from your local over the counter pest control company. Many times ant control products can be picked up online as well. Be sure to always follow label instructions if you are going to be a weekend warrior and be mindful of children or pets. One thing I can tell you that you absolutely do not want to do and that is spray some Raid on them in a panic. This is oily and can cause a slipping hazard and many times can chase the ants elsewhere.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Where did my roaches come from?

I never had roaches before. My house is as clean as a whistle. It can't be a roach. These are just some of the statements people make when they see a roach and they wonder where in the world are they coming from? Roaches can come from just about anywhere. You can bring them into your home on a shopping order when they hitch hike from the grocery store in your bags. They can sneak into your pocket book when you place it down at the bank. One can crawl into your pocket while riding on the bus. As you can see, these "buggers" are sneaky, and if you see them and catch the problem early enough, your success of getting rid of them is greatly increased.
Sometimes you are the unfortunate recipient of your neighbors problems. If your neighbor has a bad roach problem, even if you live in a row home, they can often find their way into your home via cracks and crevices in the foundation or along the joists in the basement.
The neighbor issue is more of a tricky situation because you can't force them to do anything. If this is indeed the case, then being as diligent as possible with a proactive pest control program in your home would be your best bet. Pheromone traps, baits, and insect growth regulators will help keep the levels in your own home down.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I started my pest control what?

So you've been killing bugs long enough and feel confident you can do this yourself. You've started your business. Now what? Advertising your business is important, but being the best asset to your customer is how you will grow. Knowledge and skill is important, but customer service is how you will be remembered. Being on time, respecting your customers property by putting on shoe coverings and remembering not to plop your spray tank down on your customers carpets. A big smile and being genuine is what sets you apart. Listening and hearing what your customers tell you. Remember...this is a big deal to them...ants on the counter might not be that big a deal to us, but to your is the end of the world. Put yourself in their place and realize that they can sense when you are blowing smoke up get my point. Be all of the above and at the end of your service, slap a cheap magnate with your company name on it on their fridge, asking permission of course...this will keep you name and number visible and ready to refer to that neighbor who calls asking, "Who took care of your ants last week?" Good luck and success.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pest Control Blog Grows

I've been keeping this pest control blog since 2006 and have attempted to load it up with good information regarding a variety of pest like bed bugs, bees, roaches, mice and everything in between. I am attempting to grow the blog's readership and followers and would appreciate visitors becoming followers of the blog via the new button added on the right hand side middle of the page. I know how exciting this information sounds, because what can be greater than updates about bugs, but it would be a help and it would be appreciated. Thanks to everyone who have followed this pest control blog over the years and I hope to grow it and continue to bring new and refreshing pest control content on a regular basis. Regards. Bill.