Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pest Control Blog Grows

I've been keeping this pest control blog since 2006 and have attempted to load it up with good information regarding a variety of pest like bed bugs, bees, roaches, mice and everything in between. I am attempting to grow the blog's readership and followers and would appreciate visitors becoming followers of the blog via the new button added on the right hand side middle of the page. I know how exciting this information sounds, because what can be greater than updates about bugs, but it would be a help and it would be appreciated. Thanks to everyone who have followed this pest control blog over the years and I hope to grow it and continue to bring new and refreshing pest control content on a regular basis. Regards. Bill.


Pest Control Junkie said...

This is a great blog. Pest Control needs to be understood by everyone. We are constantly trying to communicate proper pest control procedures to everyone that will listen.

pest control raleigh said...

Using organic pest control methods are much safer than using chemicals one. It can also have good effect in our environment, like if we use algae, it may become their new use in our world.

pest control gainesville va said...

Pest control is very vital not just in agriculture but also in the maintenance of our home and partly for health reasons as well.