Sunday, January 31, 2010

Flies in the Winter

Ever notice that you could be sitting in your office or eating breakfast at the table and floating on by you see a fly? Can this be? It's winter time after all. Well unfortunately, flies tend to overwinter in the warmth of the walls of your home or office and on warmer days, they decide to see how things are going out in the world. These flies are a nuisance and can be down right annoying. Most times they are slow and lumbering, so they are easy to swat or suck up with a vacuum hose, but still...they are flies. How can you avoid this mess to begin with. It's hard. Sealing up holes around the home or office and around the flashing of the roof etc. is your best bet, but not always practical, especially if you have a large office building. Chemical treatments can also work, but must be timed right to do any good. For active problems, you can always use fly lights to catch them. Point is, unless you want to shell out the money for a power spray or for someone to do a thorough building seal, you might have to get used to your new found fly friends.


Newmarket Pest Control said...

I assume you are probably talking about cluster flies here??

There life-cycle fits with what yo describe i.e. summer time they spend living outdoors, then once the cooler weather arrives they take up residence in lofts, attics, roof spaces, basements.

As you say to 'proof' out something as small as flies in nigh on impossible

Assassin Exterminating, Inc. said...

Personally, I would recommend WMMG vector light traps. They work great in commercial settings. As far as residential goes I would go more towards I.P.M. and suggest repairing all screens and making sure all doors seat well.

DANIEL said...