Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ants in my kitchen

If you are having a problem with ants in your home, as this is the time of year they will start to become a pest again, then you will want to treat the outside along with the inside. Many times you can locate an actual "ant trail" leading from the soil, up your outside wall, and into a crack. Sealing this crack will be a big help. If you can't be that lucky, then you will want to get a good ant granule bait and sprinkle it liberally along the outside perimeter of your home. This will help to cut the ants off a the pass and help with your inside pest control program. Advance ant granules are the best for this purpose. Maxforce also has a good granule.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Termite Inspections

We are coming into the termite season soon and in no time people will be calling their pest control technicians about flying ants that has blanketed certain areas of the home. This is a common complaint, but consumer beware, you have to make sure you have termites and not flying ants. The difference is about eight hundred bucks. You can look at the differences in my article, Termites or Flying Ants, where the physical characteristics are discussed.
If you do have a termite swarm do not fear.These visible termite are not dangerous to you or your wood furniture. You best bet is to simply vacuum them up and then ask for a free estimate from you pest control person. Get a couple of estimates, then decide. Make sure the termite inspector lets you go with him during the inspection and make sure he or she points out what he finds.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

All The Little Ants Go Marching

It's that time of year when the summer bugs start to wake up and make their way into the kitchens of the world in search of food. The most common kitchen critter is the ant. Big ants, little ants, black ants, red ants, it does not matter how they come, we just don't wan them here.
If you got them then I would suggest buying a good sugar based ant bait gel from your local home improvement store or do it yourself pest control website. Place button sized smears on a piece of cardboard and place it out on the counter where you are finding the ants. Some people will cut straws up into two inch pieces and squeeze the bait into that. This is just to keep your counter from getting sticky. As always, if you have children or pets, be extra cautious or look for another way to treat them.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Best Bug Spray

I get asked all the time about what is the best bug spray for roaches, termites, flying ants, ants. The fact of the matter is it can depend on many variables. In some cases the best bug spray is not the spray at all but baits. In other cases you may have to simply defer to a professional, like in the case of termites. Termites especially are tough to handle with a do it yourself product. It is better to let a professional inject the proper chemical to eliminate the termite colony. Home improvement stores have a decent collection of bug sprays these days. Some are specific to the pest, like bed bug spray or ant spray, others are more general in nature. The fact is probably any product you pick up at the store will work as good as the other if used properly. If you are in the market for a more professional product then I would suggest looking a good do it your self website, if you are simply looking for a good bug spray to spray a cluster of ants outside or a water bug in the home then I would suggest any of the products at your local store.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Termite or flying ant

Flying ants will be making their appearances very soon as will their close swarming brother, the termite swarm. It is during this time of year when folks come home to a house full of what look to be flying ants, only to find that they are in fact a swarming termite. It is critical for you to determine which it is, your wallet will thank you for it. A termite job can cost from seven hundred dollars to well over a grand or two where as an ant treatment can run a hundred bucks or less. See my point. Educate yourself and don't take the word of your local pest control salesman who comes out to give you a quote as he will surely be looking to make a buck.