Saturday, March 27, 2010

Carpenter Bee Control

Carpenter Bees are scary and intimidating for those trying to enjoy the beauty of spring time. People often encounter carpenter bees as they lumber around the hole their better half is tending to and when stumbled upon by one of us humans, they dive bomb us to scare us away. The funny thing is, the male carpenter bee can't even sting and the female needs to be provoked a great deal before she will sting. To exterminate carpenter bees you have to find their hole first, look for frass or wood fibers to locate the hole. It is best to approach the hole at night using a flash light with some red cellophane tied onto it as the carpenter bee can't see red light. Then, using a hand duster, dust the hole lightly and let the dust do it's job. It may take a few days to get rid of them. If you continue to see them, there may be other holes near by. If the carpenter bee holes are high up, you may want to consider hiring a certified pest control company. If they are low enough and you are brave enough, you can buy the supplies you need online via a do it yourself pest control supply web site and do your thing. As always, use extreme caution when dealing with bees. If you are allergic, run the other way and call the pros.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Termite Control Companies

Looking for a good and honest termite control company? Start by word of mouth. Ask friends and neighbors if they have had termite issues and who did they use and did they like them. When choosing a termite company, be sure to get several quotes. A company like Orkin or JC Ehrlich will give a different quote and warranty than a neighborhood or smaller termite control company. Be savvy and understand that the bigger companies are sending out salesmen in most cases and they will be looking at their commissions, the smaller company will be sending a technician is many cases or the owner and although still looking at profits, they may be more reasonable. Compare the prices they give and keep an eye on the guarantees offered and then choose. Once you get the job done, it is important to keep the warranty active each year with paying for your termite renewal. This acts as an insurance policy. If the termites return down the road, they will come out to treat the area until the problem is resolved.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Termite swarm

Can the flying ants that are really swarming termites eat my furniture? I actually got this question once. This came from a customer up north where the termites swarming are subterranean termites. These "flying ants" as people like to call them cannot eat your wooden antique, their main goal is to breed, which they really can't do unless they have soil. The problem is if you have a swarm then chances are you have the termites that do the damage too. Have your home inspected by a licensed professional and if you want for fun, go poke around yourself. All you need is a good flashlight and a screw driver. Happy Hunting.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Bugs Are Waking Up

Spring time brings with it the awakening of of all the ants, bees, and flies that are associated with the season. It also sparks the the start of the busy season for many pest control companies. Swarms of termites, ants crawling on kitchen counters, and over wintering bugs trying to get out all initiate call to the bug man to save the day. Naturally there are the do it your self crew who will be perusing the Internet for do it your self pest control products to exterminate that pesky bug that the wife wants gone. Spring means new life and I am glad it is on its way. However you decide to get rid of your bugs, remember it is important use caution and to shop around for the right product or company. Happy Spring.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Flying Ants

Tis the season for those pesky flying insects that swarm and cause panic in the home, but are they flying ants or swarming termites? The months of early spring can often times bring with them termites that will swarm and ants and if you are unsure, the picture to the left can help you determine. Ants will have an elbowed antenna and a pinched body. If you are unsure, it is always best to have a professional out to check. If you had to have a choice, ants would be what you are rooting for, as a swarm of termites mean that you have an established termite colony near or in the home. The question is for all your home gamers is if a termite job is a do it yourself king's kind of job. I would have to say no. Termite work is involved and needs to be done the right way with the right chemical or bait, so I would not recommend doing it yourself, although there are products on the market for it. If you are going to invest money in the job, invest in a good termite company.