Saturday, March 27, 2010

Carpenter Bee Control

Carpenter Bees are scary and intimidating for those trying to enjoy the beauty of spring time. People often encounter carpenter bees as they lumber around the hole their better half is tending to and when stumbled upon by one of us humans, they dive bomb us to scare us away. The funny thing is, the male carpenter bee can't even sting and the female needs to be provoked a great deal before she will sting. To exterminate carpenter bees you have to find their hole first, look for frass or wood fibers to locate the hole. It is best to approach the hole at night using a flash light with some red cellophane tied onto it as the carpenter bee can't see red light. Then, using a hand duster, dust the hole lightly and let the dust do it's job. It may take a few days to get rid of them. If you continue to see them, there may be other holes near by. If the carpenter bee holes are high up, you may want to consider hiring a certified pest control company. If they are low enough and you are brave enough, you can buy the supplies you need online via a do it yourself pest control supply web site and do your thing. As always, use extreme caution when dealing with bees. If you are allergic, run the other way and call the pros.

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