Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kill Ants Dead-Tips From The Pros

I've been in the pest control industry now for 16 years and killing ants can be either one of the easiest tasks or the hardest tasks to deal with, considering which kind of ant you are dealing with. If you are dealing with the regular old pavement ant, at this time of year, a good sugar based ant gel bait is your best bet. Go outside and look for the trail that is heading into your house, or locate the trail inside and put a few dabs of ant gel along the trail and watch these little ants go crazy. Terro and maxforce ant gel are great products. Uncle Albert's Ant bait is another one believe it or not. As always you want to be careful of pets and children when placing these products down, so be careful and read the label. The biggest question always asked is where do you find the stuff the professionals use. Most do it yourself pest control products websites will sell to the public so long as it is not a restricted use product like tracking powder. You can also look at your local home center, although the pro products are the best. Happy Hunting!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

exterminating supplies

Consumers are always looking for the next best DIY project to tackle and pest control is not safe from these weekend warriors, but they want the real stuff. Exterminating supplies or pest control supplies are easy enough to find online at the many DIY pest control products websites. Sites like EPestSupply or have what you are looking for, so long as it is not a restricted use product. All states have there own laws and it is best to check to make sure it is ok to apply pesticides without a license, but in most cases if it is not restricted use, then you are ok. One word of caution is just that, use caution. These chemicals are dangerous and need to be applied per the label. So use your head and go to battle with what ever pest is pestering you.

Orange and black bugs

Here they come, the red and black or orange and black Halloween bugs or boxelder bugs. With the warm weather descending upon us, the boxelders that were over wintering will be scurrying over to the boxelder tree with in the next few months to start the process again. Get the old soap and water sprayer out or consider some of the DIY products you can find online for box elder bugs. These are the most insane to get rid of bugs out there I think, so the battle begins.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Ant Elmination Tips from the Pros.

There are right ways and wrong ways of ant control and many times homeowners, while trying to be over zealous, do things the wrong way. First of all...don't ever use ant sprays and ant baits in the same areas. I am a big believer of ant baits anyway. If you are faced with a boat load of ants on your counter tops then take a damp paper towel and wipe them up. This will take care of a good amount of what is there now and give you time to place some effective ant baits. You can approach this two an ant commando...or as an ant spot specific agent. The first way would include a total program. I would get some good granule maxforce or advance ant bait and sprinkle it around the outside perimeter of the home, being careful of children and pets. Then on the inside I would use some ant gel baits along with some ant bait stations in the area you originally experienced the ant problem. The reason I am against spraying is because it often time leaves an oily residue and it also will repel the ants. The goal of the baits is to get them to bring this bait back to the nest and cause a longer lasting control. Ant baits can be bought at your local home store or you can often time order professional ant bait online via a do it yourself pest control supply website. Happy hunting and good luck.