Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kill Ants Dead-Tips From The Pros

I've been in the pest control industry now for 16 years and killing ants can be either one of the easiest tasks or the hardest tasks to deal with, considering which kind of ant you are dealing with. If you are dealing with the regular old pavement ant, at this time of year, a good sugar based ant gel bait is your best bet. Go outside and look for the trail that is heading into your house, or locate the trail inside and put a few dabs of ant gel along the trail and watch these little ants go crazy. Terro and maxforce ant gel are great products. Uncle Albert's Ant bait is another one believe it or not. As always you want to be careful of pets and children when placing these products down, so be careful and read the label. The biggest question always asked is where do you find the stuff the professionals use. Most do it yourself pest control products websites will sell to the public so long as it is not a restricted use product like tracking powder. You can also look at your local home center, although the pro products are the best. Happy Hunting!


Christina said...

Mr. Mac,

Hello! I work for Uncle Albert's Ant Bait and was just wondering what company you work for and also find out how you found out about U.A.A.B. We are definitely interested in hearing back from you!

Thank you,

Kenneth said...

In the U.K. it is an offence for a non-professonal to use a professional use only product even though they are freely sold.

Ken Chadwick

Pest Control Finder said...

Interesting point Ken. I was unaware that it is illegal. Where do you become a qualified pest controller?

pest control jacksonville said...

I think ants are easier to get rid of then ticks. Those are a nightmare.