Saturday, March 07, 2009

exterminating supplies

Consumers are always looking for the next best DIY project to tackle and pest control is not safe from these weekend warriors, but they want the real stuff. Exterminating supplies or pest control supplies are easy enough to find online at the many DIY pest control products websites. Sites like EPestSupply or have what you are looking for, so long as it is not a restricted use product. All states have there own laws and it is best to check to make sure it is ok to apply pesticides without a license, but in most cases if it is not restricted use, then you are ok. One word of caution is just that, use caution. These chemicals are dangerous and need to be applied per the label. So use your head and go to battle with what ever pest is pestering you.


Rob said...

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Anonymous said...

I think it is important to remind DIY users to do the right thing when it comes time to dispose of pesticides. Disposal of left over product is one of the most confounding problems faced by homeowners. Many just flush it down the toilet. Lets remember the environment that sustains us and be sure we all properly dispose of pesticides.
Gerry Weitz
Hearts Pest Management

pest control jacksonville said...

do it yourself is not the best practice with pest control, I strongly recommend using a pro.