Saturday, March 07, 2009

Orange and black bugs

Here they come, the red and black or orange and black Halloween bugs or boxelder bugs. With the warm weather descending upon us, the boxelders that were over wintering will be scurrying over to the boxelder tree with in the next few months to start the process again. Get the old soap and water sprayer out or consider some of the DIY products you can find online for box elder bugs. These are the most insane to get rid of bugs out there I think, so the battle begins.

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Anonymous said...

I have a bug in my yard, hundreds of thousands actually, that I have never seen before. The wings and feet are black but the body is real puffed out orange or red. I have been looking at pics on the internet and can't find anything that looks like them. What else could it be? They completely cover the yard and they apparently need to feed off the grass or something. They crawl through the cracks into my screened poch but as soon as they get through on to the paved part, they go belly up.