Sunday, August 08, 2010

Dorm Room Bed Bugs Means Back To School

The right of passage for many a college freshman is the being on your own in a dorm or apartment. I must now scare you, be afraid, be very afraid. Dorm room bed bug problems are becoming as prevalent on college campuses as the very degrees they offer. If you are a freshman going into your new dorm room or if you are a senior returning to the dorm or apartment, the first thing you should do is check your bed and other furniture before you move anything in. If mom and dad have some dough, then I would ask them to hire a bed bug dog to inspect the dorm room or apartment. This will benefit mom and dad when it is time to come home for the holidays, I am sure they don't want any bed bugs hitch hiking home with you. I would invest in some climb up interceptors and a good mattress and box spring cover to help keep the bed bugs off the beds. This is an epidemic and colleges around the world are battling the problem head on. Don't rely on the college or the college's pest control vendor, rely on yourself. Be your own advocate and research good bed bug blogs like The Bed Bug Resource for insight. Sleep tight.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Big Roach

My sister called me freaking out because she found an American roach in her bathroom and now my nephew will not use the bathroom. American roaches can be intimidating and down right scary, but they don't always mean you have to panic right away. These large roaches are known in the city as sewer roaches, many times they appear when there is street work being done or pipes out int he street are being replaced. They can also appear in the home if there is a broken sewer line that you may be unaware of. In the latter case, these big roaches can be a blessing in disguise, alerting you to a much larger problem.

So having said all that, how do you get rid of them? Call in your local bug guy or gal and have a good residual put down, place some sticky monitors, and some granule baygon or niban bait. If the problem persists, call you plumber.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Wasp and Bee Season

Coming into August and September and the same old insanity begins. The Bees and Wasps go crazy. Good luck sitting outside with a can of soda or having a picnic in peace. So what can you do? First thing you can do is take a stroll around you home to see if you can identify any wasp nests that are in the yard or around the property, carefully! Look at window shutters from afar, notice any buzzing brutes flying in and out from under them? Look around fences and along roof flashing. Anywhere there is constant bee activity can mean a nest. As I have said int he past, be extra careful if you are going to spray these nests down yourself. Hiring a professional is the safest bet, it will cost a few dollars as bee work is expensive, but you will save yourself a potential trip tot he hospital. Getting rid of nests close to your home won't eliminate the pests bothering you outside while partying at the summer Bar-B-Que, but it will help alleviate them some and keep your guest safer.