Saturday, August 07, 2010

Big Roach

My sister called me freaking out because she found an American roach in her bathroom and now my nephew will not use the bathroom. American roaches can be intimidating and down right scary, but they don't always mean you have to panic right away. These large roaches are known in the city as sewer roaches, many times they appear when there is street work being done or pipes out int he street are being replaced. They can also appear in the home if there is a broken sewer line that you may be unaware of. In the latter case, these big roaches can be a blessing in disguise, alerting you to a much larger problem.

So having said all that, how do you get rid of them? Call in your local bug guy or gal and have a good residual put down, place some sticky monitors, and some granule baygon or niban bait. If the problem persists, call you plumber.


Cockroaches Control said...

It is important that an area that is thought to be infested with cockroaches be cleaned thoroughly to reduce roaches populations and keep them from coming back. Since the insects need water and food to survive (although they are undeniably a resilient creature), and limiting their ability to get to these places decreases their ability to keep reproducing and living.

Gerry Weitz said...

Tell me that cockroach is superimposed on your hand and it is not actually sitting on it. Yuck... even for a pest control technician!

Rudy said...

Cockroaches and other bugs are really disgusting. They can also hide in our carpets. Though we clean our carpets with a good vacuum, it is not enough, and can't kill the insects' eggs. This can be the reason why some of us hire good and trustworthy carpet cleaners. Portsmouth, my hometown is known for this expertise.

Anonymous said...


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