Sunday, August 08, 2010

Dorm Room Bed Bugs Means Back To School

The right of passage for many a college freshman is the being on your own in a dorm or apartment. I must now scare you, be afraid, be very afraid. Dorm room bed bug problems are becoming as prevalent on college campuses as the very degrees they offer. If you are a freshman going into your new dorm room or if you are a senior returning to the dorm or apartment, the first thing you should do is check your bed and other furniture before you move anything in. If mom and dad have some dough, then I would ask them to hire a bed bug dog to inspect the dorm room or apartment. This will benefit mom and dad when it is time to come home for the holidays, I am sure they don't want any bed bugs hitch hiking home with you. I would invest in some climb up interceptors and a good mattress and box spring cover to help keep the bed bugs off the beds. This is an epidemic and colleges around the world are battling the problem head on. Don't rely on the college or the college's pest control vendor, rely on yourself. Be your own advocate and research good bed bug blogs like The Bed Bug Resource for insight. Sleep tight.


Gerry Weitz said...

I haven't received any dormatory calls for bed bug control in San Diego. I'm sure other pest control companies have. Hearts was called for bed bug remediation at a boys summer camp a couple of years ago. Though boys like bugs, I'm sure they were not happy campers when they woke up with bed bug bites.

Billy Mac said...


I have friends here in Philly who are doing a lot of dorm work. There is an interesting white paper out of University of Florida where they actually build a heat box in the room around the contents to heat them up and kill them. Here is the link.

-Billy Mac