Sunday, August 01, 2010

Wasp and Bee Season

Coming into August and September and the same old insanity begins. The Bees and Wasps go crazy. Good luck sitting outside with a can of soda or having a picnic in peace. So what can you do? First thing you can do is take a stroll around you home to see if you can identify any wasp nests that are in the yard or around the property, carefully! Look at window shutters from afar, notice any buzzing brutes flying in and out from under them? Look around fences and along roof flashing. Anywhere there is constant bee activity can mean a nest. As I have said int he past, be extra careful if you are going to spray these nests down yourself. Hiring a professional is the safest bet, it will cost a few dollars as bee work is expensive, but you will save yourself a potential trip tot he hospital. Getting rid of nests close to your home won't eliminate the pests bothering you outside while partying at the summer Bar-B-Que, but it will help alleviate them some and keep your guest safer.


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