Saturday, March 22, 2008

Termite Inspections

We are coming into the termite season soon and in no time people will be calling their pest control technicians about flying ants that has blanketed certain areas of the home. This is a common complaint, but consumer beware, you have to make sure you have termites and not flying ants. The difference is about eight hundred bucks. You can look at the differences in my article, Termites or Flying Ants, where the physical characteristics are discussed.
If you do have a termite swarm do not fear.These visible termite are not dangerous to you or your wood furniture. You best bet is to simply vacuum them up and then ask for a free estimate from you pest control person. Get a couple of estimates, then decide. Make sure the termite inspector lets you go with him during the inspection and make sure he or she points out what he finds.

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