Saturday, May 22, 2010

Get rid of ground nesting bees

Ground nesting bees can be a dangerous opponent in that on a hot sunny day, while mowing your lawn, a foe can be getting ready to ambush you. I am having a problem at my own house with bumble bees who have taken up residence in a hole in the ground. The hole is probably an evacuated mouse or mole hole, but it has found new life with these ground nesting bees. My way to take care of this was to dust this hole with insecticide dust. Doing any kind of close work with bees should be done at night and using a flash light with red cellophane wrapped around it. Bees can't see red and this will help you to find the hole and treat it. Honestly, I would recommend hiring a professional for bee work of any kind as they can be nasty and aggressive. If you decide to do it yourself, pest control product can be found on the web at any DIY pest control products website. Be careful...observe your foe first looking for flight patterns. Never get in the way of a bees flight pattern. Never underestimate a bee and his hundred or more friends.


Stephanie said...

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Pest Control said...

Thanks Billy for the post.

If you have a garden you have to face pests. But I always go for hand made solution to control pests. I go through blogs about gardening, pest control to get ideas.

Pest Control Grants Pass said...

Yup I have to agree with that, if you love gardening, you must be ready with the pests!