Sunday, October 11, 2009

Baiting a mouse snap trap.

We had an interesting turn of events in an account that was having a mouse problem. It was in an apartment setting in the kitchens and it was clear that the mice were nesting in the insulation of the small stoves that were set up in the kitchens because there were pieces of the soft insulation on the floor under the stoves. Our tech took this material and hooked it onto the trigger of the snap traps, where there was no visible insulation, he used small pieces of cotton. In two days he returned to find that there was a decent catch rate, for ever five traps he set under and behind the stove, he caught two to three mice in the heaviest of the infested units. Sometimes it is worth using what the mice are targeting for food or nesting material in your quest to catch them with snap traps.


pest control jacksonville said...

We always find that using the nesting material is the cleanest and easiest way to trap them.

Jason Cleaves said...

I always love the old timers that swear about using peanut butter or snickers bars. Nothing works better that a small piece of cotton attached to the lever or directly in the center of a glueboard

Angeline said...

Have you tried electronic mouse traps yet? I hate having to reset snap traps and am thinking about getting an electronic one. I found Victor's Multi-Kill trap that can catch ten mice before needing reset.
Here's the trap I'm referring to: