Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pest control blogs

Over the past few years there has been an increase in pest control blogs and forums. It's a fantastic platform to get and give information. The blog has opened up a means of expression for the victims of the current bed bug epidemic with blogs referencing bed bug control right on up to bed bug diaries. People can voice there frustrations on the web via a blog and let the world know about their plight. Blogs like this one, where professionals can share their expertise, are great tools for the public to get an inside look at topics that otherwise may have been not available in the past. Do it yourself blogs have become all the rage, DIY pest control sites are a perfect example of this. People these days like to give things a try themselves and a blog of this nature is just the tool for the adventurous home owner who wants to try to control termites themselves or start their own mouse control program. Bed bug blogs are all the rage and if you Google this topic you will find a ton of them. I know that I myself love to blog about pest control and love to offer my knowledge to people and often give advice privately to people I meet through this blog.

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