Friday, September 07, 2007

Treating Mattress for Bed Bugs

Treating a mattress for bed bugs is an integrated procedure of completely dismantling the bed and starting from scratch. To begin I would strip the bed of all linens and wash in hot water. Then life the mattress and stand upright and do the same to the box spring. Now treat with your product of choice that is labeled for treating bedding along the cracks and crevices of the bed frame. If there are inset screws be sure to pay extra attention. Wheels need to be treated as well. The the box spring will need to be treated. Take the backing off of the bottom and throw it away. Then treat the inside of the box spring. Now the mattress will need to be treated along the tufts and buttons. This is a sensitive topic and if you know you are chemical sensitive then I would be careful with what you treat with. After all has been treated then cover the box spring and the mattress in a good quality mattress encasement or mattress cover that zips up. This will keep any new bed bugs from re infesting your mattress or box spring. Good Luck and always use extreme caution and read the labels when using any kind of chemical.


ilovetodab said...

I wish I'd come across advice like this when I had a problem with bed bugs a month or so ago. I ended up buying a new bed & mattress to combat the problem.

And I'm glad to say they've all gone! (Fingers crossed!)

DQ Pest Control said...

If you have bedbugs it is always best to get rid of the mattress. Even if there are no tears in the mattress, the bedbugs are small enough to get into it through the stitching. Using a bedbug dog to detect the location of the bedbugs is a good idea and will save time and money.

zinni said...

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shredder said...

Sound effective! Treating mattress for bed bugs.I have not try this kind of methods before in order to get rid of bed bugs bites. I guess, I need to try this one now. I don't want another bed bugs bites again.

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