Sunday, September 02, 2007

Baiting for ants

A good baiting program starts with identification of the ant and choosing a good ant bait. Maxforce ant gels are a good choice for a variety of ants including carpenter ants. If you are noticing ants in a particular area it is important to place the baits out in the area they are frequenting. There are a variety of bait dispensers that work well for ant control to place the baits right out in the area the ants are. The Ant Cafe comes to mind for this reason. You don't want to just place gel bait right out on your counter, so you can place it in this dispenser and it keeps the bait available for the ants. If you are lucky enough to find the trail then place the baits right in the trail itself. Bait stations are another good product. Advance Dual Choice is the best ant bait station in my opinion because I've always had good success with that particular product. FMC used to have a good ant bait station but I think it is no longer available. It is important again to place the ant bait station right out in the area you are seeing the ants to make the bait available to them. I have to stress with any baiting program to use caution if there are any children or pets present in the home or around the area you are baiting. If children are present there are tamper proof bait stations that you can find to keep the baits out of reach of children and animals. One thing I should stress is if you are baiting, don't be stingy! Use plenty of bait and be generous so the ants will eat and if possible place out a variety of baits because ants are very finicky and like variety.

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