Sunday, September 23, 2007

Abell Pest Control Ontario Canada

This post is reminiscent of my other blog called Critique My Blog where I critiqued other peoples blogs who submit them to me for review. As I was reviewing my stats section I noticed a referral from Abell's website and curiously clicked over to see how it was placed in content. I was pleased to find my link placed under an excerpt from my pest control blog in Abell's site. As I explored their site further I was impressed to see what an integrated and well planned site Abell had. All this brings me to the points I am trying to make with this post. My first point is to thank Abell for the link into Pest Control Information and Facts and my second point is to bring awareness to the importance of a well thought out web site for a pest control business. The pest control industry as a whole has been fighting to put a professional face on the industry and has done an awesome job in my opinion and websites like Abell's is a perfect example of how a great interactive website can help with this endeavor. Nice job.

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