Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Big Boys of Pest Control

There are some household names out there with regards to pest control. These are usually large companies with branches and employees all over the country and in some cases the world. Here is a list of some of these big companies of the pest control industry.

  1. Orkin pest Control-the parent company of Orkin is Rollins. Orkin recently bought out Western Pest Control a over a year ago adding to it's 1.7 million customers. This company boasts 7500 employees and made over 858 million dollars last year. Not too shabby.

  2. Terminix-Parent company is Servicemaster and has been a household name forever!

  3. JC Ehrlich-bought out over a year ago by Rentokil making it a worldwide company overnight.

  4. Truly Nolan-all I can say is mouse ears!

  5. Cooper Pest Control-A gem in South Jersey with two brilliant brothers.

  6. Hoffman's exterminating-another South Jersey gem lead by Bill Hoffman.

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Gerry Weitz said...

There is tremendous change going on in the pest control business landscape. Many of the older companies are dying or weakening. Like lots of large companies, they get lazy and think that no one can do a better job, they fail to recognize change and bang, they're dead.
Look for new upcoming companies that understand new technology and new consumer trends to lead the way.