Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wasps and Bees

Fall brings with it some good outdoor fun. This season brings to mind memories of the apple fests and pumpkin patch fairs, spiced apple cider and pies! This season also brings with it the bees and wasps! They love the sweet apple juices and all the great food associated with fall festivities. There are some options to keeping these wasps and yellow jackets at bay. Traps are always a good bet. There is also a product called the waspinator that mimics a wasp or hornets nest and this scares other bees and yellow jackets away. After all, it's a competing nest and they rather not disturb another nests turf to avoid war, so they stay away. It takes diligence and a good plan to keep wasps and bees at bay, but with a little bit of work and careful placement of traps and products like the waspinator it can be a sting free fall!

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