Saturday, September 01, 2007

red and black bugs

Halloween bugs, red and black bugs, orange and black bugs, bugs that cluster on the outside walls, these are some of the ways people describe boxelder bugs. These bugs can become a big problem for some people and business because these bugs can become great in numbers and they congregate on the sunny side of the home or building. Once they are there they usually find their way into the home or building through cracks and once this happens they can be visible all year long through the winter. If you get these pests inside the best thing to do is use a vacuum and suck them down. Don't crush them because they will stain and it is inadvisable to spray with chemical. Outside you can spray the clusters with soapy water. This is a safe way to kill them off. To minimize the bugs from congregating around you house you should rake away any leaves that are around your home's perimeter and mulch is another area they like to hide in, so you may want to consider that when putting mulch in. You may also want to caulk and seal areas outside you home that would allow them to enter you home. Boxelder bugs are not harmful and often times people learn to live with them, if you can't do that then you can try some of the methods mentioned in this article. If you feel you must hire a pest control company be sure they have a license to spray trees because this is how to treat the source. That would be the only reason to hire a professional, other than that I would say they are taking your money because you can't treat inside for them and the outside walls could be sprayed but in a few days that pesticide would be rendered useless from the elements.

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