Friday, August 31, 2007

Mouse proofing your home

What's the best way to mouse proof your home? Think like a mouse. Whenever I started an initial service for mice I used to ask the customer to go around the house with me so I could point out areas that needed repair or sealing to try to build out the mouse. Many times we would come across homes around cables that entered the home like central air lines or cable wires. You could almost fit your finger into these spaces and it is an obvious area where a mouse could scurry in. Gaps in your garage door are another sure fire way a mouse could get in. If the garage door does not close flush to the ground then replace the weather strip. This is also true for any entry door to the home. Any gaps under the door would be a space that would invite a mouse into your home. Check for holes in the wall, especially ground level, and fill them in with cement. Be sure basement windows are in good shape and any broken panes would be repaired. Keep the vegetation around the perimeter of your home cut back because this is a great place for mice to hide. They also love seed, so any bird feeders will invite the mice to the party. Keep them away from the home and be sure to seal any potential entry points and you should have some good success at mouse free house.


Anonymous said...

I change the weather stripping on my garage door to stop the mice from coming into the garage but they chewed through it! Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

get a cat