Thursday, August 30, 2007

Roach gel review

Roach problems pop up every once in a while and when they do the best thing to use is roach gel. So what kind of roach gels are out there and are they available for the do it yourself project tackler? The answer is yes you can buy them and here they are.
The old stand by and the grand daddy of roach gel bait is Bayer's product Maxforce Roach Gel. It comes in original, FC or fast control, and select. The Maxforce Select roach gel formulation is for roaches that are resistant to the other baits. Another good bait is Advance Roach Gel from Whitmire. Advione Roach Bait is a new kid on the block that has been getting some good reaction and Syngenta has also come out with a roach bait. FMC's product is called Transport Roach Gel and Whitmire has another one called Avert.
The fact of the matter is that roach baits are very palatable to roaches and they work fantastically in their control. The best I've ever used was Maxforce, but as I said Dupont's Advion has been nipping on Maxforce's heels.


Organic Gerry said...

Just wanted to mention that the baits should be switched in and out to help avoid contributing to the problem of bait resistance.

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csm said...

Question --

Can palatable food be mixed in with the roach gel for a better effect?


Billy Mac said...

I don't think that would be a good idea...these baits are formulated to attract the roaches to it already. Mixing it with anything else may dilute the active.

Raghvendra said...

which store i can find these gels?

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