Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Mosquitoes are rearing their ugly heads in full force this summer and we have the rain to thank for that! Fellow Americans...and people of the diligent and empty any free standing water you might come across near your property and you might find relief from these pesky critters. Mosquitoes can go through a life cycle faster than lighting and it is because of this very reason that this insect is so successful. They breed in free standing water. Puddles of water that you might find in bird baths, ash trays, toys, flower pots, rain gutters, tires, anything that can collect water is a breeding ground and must be eliminated. In large areas like ponds and large puddles there are products called Mosquito Dunks that work well or Larvacide. Municipalities often times will fog large areas and treat ponds and streams and the like themselves but it doesn't hurt for the fine folks of the world to chip in and do the same.

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