Saturday, August 18, 2007

Drain fly control

What's the best way to control drain flies in a restaurant? Elbow grease! The best way to help with the control of drain flies is to clean out the covers, catch bins, and walls of the drains. It have to clean all the gunk and slime where these flies breed and until this is done they will continue to be a problem. Another area is the holes in floor mats and the cracked grout in the floor tiles. Any place there is alot of moisture and slime, you can find drain flies. There are a few products that you can pour into the drains to help in the cleaning. Products like drain gel, vector-bio, and DF-5000 are drain gels that eat the slime via enzymes. Some of these products are also labeled to spray in trash cans, on walls, or in the cracks where the slime may build up.

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