Wednesday, August 22, 2007


As I sit here writing this post the sound of crickets are chirping through my window and it got me thinking that these critters will become a large problem soon. One cricket that comes to mind is the camel cricket. Any cricket can be annoying, but it's the numbers and where they are located in proximity to your house that is scary. I've heard horror stories how camel crickets over run people's basements and cellars and quickly get out of hand. The best way I have found to control camel crickets as well as other crickets was to use bait. A good granule bait like Niban FG and coarse as well as Intice granules worked well in baiting these annoying insects. The old stand by Baygon Bait used to work wonders, but this is not for sale anymore. The best way to get these baits is online via a DIY website or from your local over the counter pest control center. Using caution, sprinkle these baits in your basement around hot water heaters, behind washers and dryers, on window sills, in crawl spaces, and be liberal with it. Sprinkle outside under bushes, in cracks and crevices around the home, in garage corners, places like that. Another great tool in cricket control is glue boards. They catch a ton of crickets and knock down the population quickly. Don't be cheap with these. As always, if you have children or pets, use caution and read the label of the granules!

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