Wednesday, August 29, 2007

DIY Pest Control products

As I strolled through the aisles at Home Depot I came across the section where they sold their pest control supplies and began to look at some of the do it yourself products they were offering for the control of insects. I was especially interested in controlling ground bees because it seems to be this time of year alot of people are seeing these bees. I found that alot of the products that professional pest control technicians use can also be found in this aisle under a different name. Products like Maxforce roach gel is offered as Combat roach gel, and I almost thought I saw a maxforce product. As I have stated before, most products that pest controllers use can be bought online at DIY websites that sell pest control products and used by the public. Dusts and residual products that are used to treat ground bees can also be purchased at the websites and at places like your big box home improvement stores. These products are not so bad and often times have the same active ingredient, but packaged under a different name. I remember buying something in a pinch when I was on the road doing pest control and had no other choice. Thank God they had what I was looking for.


PestProJoe said...

DIY pest control is the only way to go!... if you ask me. =)

Powders are fantastic against bees because they pick up the powder just like they would pollen. Carry it back to the hive and bada-bing-bada-boom in no time at all the whole ground bee colony is zippy-zap-up-side-down-DEAD!

By the way, I found your post on I like your pest control blog.


Organic Gerry said...

I hope any homeowner considering do-it-yourself bee and wasp control will think twice. These little guys are really dangerous. Just as it is more dangerous for a lay man to fight a fire vs. a well armed and trained firefighter with the correct PPE (personal protective equipment), I hope any and all homeowners will reconsider do-it-yourself application without purchasing a bee suit. That's just step one, but at least do that.

Check us out at We've got some great info and photography of bee work.

pest extermination said...

The first thing you have to keep in mind when you are going to buy pest control products is the type of insect you are targeting. You must also identify the general symptoms of pesticide poisoning and demonstrate that you know how to protect yourself and others from exposure through the use of pest control products.