Sunday, April 29, 2007

Start your DYI pest control project now!

It's that time of year again when the ants and bees are gathering their armies for a full force invasion into your home! So how do you prepare yourself? First off is the outside inspection. Any holes or gaps that would allow any kind of bug enter the home will need to be sealed. Cable TV wires are often not sealed tightly with gaps around where the wire enters the house. Air conditioner cables are another area to look at. Any kind of pipe or wire that enters the home can be a possible highway for bugs and need to be sealed tight. Also stand in your garage and if you see light shining in under the garage door then the door is not shutting flush to the ground. Needs to be resealed. Next thing to do is cut back any tree limbs that are hanging over the roof and hanging onto the roof. This will help stop carpenter ants from entering your home. Trim back bushes and shrubs from the home and clean up and leafs that have gathers up against the house as this is a fantastic place from bugs to breed in and then enter the home. There are several do it yourself websites out there that offer pest control product s for sale. Gluetraps are great monitoring tools to see what is going on in the home and they are non toxic. You can also get any baits and other products to help control all kinds of insects. A good outside granule treatment will often times help keep alot of your outside pests at bay. Products like Talstar EZ or Demand G are excellent. Granule baits are also very effective. Maxforce has a great granule bait. Another good bait is Niban or Advance.

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