Friday, April 13, 2007

Mouse control and peanut allergies.

A sensitive subject in today's world is that of peanut allergies. Children and adults are finding that they are severely allergic to peanuts and even the faintest scent can cause a reaction. It is because of this reason that pest control companies are moving away from glue traps that used to be scented with the smell of peanut butter and the reason products like Provoke were brought to market. Peanut butter was for the longest time the bait of choice for everyone who was trying to trap mice and now people are starting to look for good alternatives. As I mentioned earlier a new product on the market is Provoke which is only available to professional pest control companies, some other methods to use as an attractant to the traps would be chocolate, cheese, bacon pieces, and cotton or string. What used to be the great part about peanut butter was you could smear a little bit to the snap trap trigger and that would be enough to trap the mouse. With these other methods you have to be sure to secure it to the trap. If you are using bacon or cheese, be sure to secure it to the trigger. Chocolate syrup is easy to apply and the cotton again would need to be secure to the trap. Often switching up your methods of luring the mouse to the trap increase your chances of catching them anyway, so it is good to experiment with these other options and as always, use cation.

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