Monday, April 02, 2007

Roach Control

What's the difference between food roaches and water bugs and how can I control them?
Here's a question I got from the NE region of the country and there is a big difference. Food roaches are usually equated with the German roach. The small roaches you see in the kitchen cabinets or hiding in the cracks of your door frames. They can be distinguished with the 2 black lines that are on their head (to keep it simple). Water Bugs are really Oriental Roaches. They are usually shiny black and you see them alot outside on the pavements at nights or crawling up your basement wall or they scatter when you turn on the lights late at night on your kitchen floor. You usually won't find these roaches in your cabinets. The best way to control both of these pests is bait. Gel baits work best for German roaches and I found that granule baits work best for oriental roaches. Home Depot sells a gel bait that you can inject behind your splash boards on your counter tops and in the cracks and crevices of cabinets. Use the gel bait where you see the German roaches. Gel bait will also work on Oriental roaches if you can find a cluster of them where they might be nesting. The granule bait (Niban or baygon) can be sprinkled around hot water heaters or under sinks, in cracks or crevices. Read the label for application directions and cautions. Always use caution for children and pets. I would avoid spraying for German roaches, but a good perimeter spray around the inside and outside could give you some knock down with the oriental roaches or water bugs. Good Luck.


akdhustler said...

Hey Billy! This blog is awesome. I'm trying to find out what's the best way to exterminate my own apartment and stumbled upon your website. I already looked at the sites that sell products, but didn't find anything about advice until I got to yours. Thanks a bunch!

Anonymous said...

Billy, helpful blog man. Thanks. I've got Germans in my unoccupied row and I'm trying to get my neighbor to spray. I dig the bait thing, but what do you have against spraying for germans?

Billy Mac said...

There is a great product called Phantom.It works as a non-repellent and works on the "domino" effect to control the roaches. Another good product is Orthene PCO pellets. Orthene is very smelly and potent. Read the label for both. Both require to mixed in a spray can. I would incorporate gentrol, a growth regulator to either spray. All these products can be bought online or at an "over the counter" pest control shop. Use caution and be careful or pets and children. Good luck. WHatever you do....don't fog.