Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Head Lice

Head lice usually isn't a pest control problem, it is more a problem to discuss with your pediatrician, but I thought this was a very interesting treatment for the problem that affects between 6 to 12 million Americans a year. With children missing 12-24 million days of school yearly across America, it is easy to see why parents are interested in any kind of lice control product that comes down the pike. What makes this product called, The Louse Buster, even better is that it requires no chemicals to treat the lice. The Lousebuster works like a hairdryer with a comb connected to it. The hot air blow the opposite way you comb and the treatment lasts for 30 minutes with an incredible success rate. The Lousebuster was developed by University of Utah biologists and is not yet ready for commercial use yet, but it is in development and will need approval. With lice being such a "headache" for parents (no pun intended) I'm sure the louse buster will be on the market sooner than later.

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