Friday, April 27, 2007

Carpenter Bees

What are some of the products to use in their control?
Dusts are the product of choice when treating carpenter bee galleries. You will need a ladder and some courage. The carpenter bees will no doubt dive bomb your. IF you are on a high ladder treating eaves or roof top areas then use extreme caution. The dusts you can use are drione dust or tempo. Delta dust is also very good because it repels moisture. Treat every hole you can find. Perma Dust or Tri Die are canned dust and in aerosol form and easier to use in these situations. Even after spending the afternoon thoroughly treating every possible hole they are using it still might not get all of them and it won't deter new ones from starting a hole right next to the old ones. At least you will get some relief. They are a tough insect to control. Good Luck.

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